The Hive.

Situated in Rathcool Co.Wicklow,this studio is very popular with hardcore and metal acts. Engineers James Eager and Eoin Whitfield are both musicians .

Recent acts to record here are  : Adebisi Shank, Alter Of Plagues, Another Day In Hell, ...Bacchus, Barntown Water Tastes Like Blood, Chewing On Tinfoil. Crowd Control, Denovissimis, Dear Catastrophe, Defcon Zero, Divisions Ruin, Drainland, Dropping Bombs, Drunken Boat, Easpa Measa, Etcha, Ended, Enemies, Famine, First Death In Nova Scotia, Ghostwood Project, Heathers, Kidd Blunt, Knifed, Lynched, Mia Sparrow Moutpiece, Only Fumes & Corpses, Owensie, Plagues, Pushkin, Putrefaction Realistic Train, retarded Cop, Sheep Dip, Soldiers Take Half,The Bovine Frenzy The Deadly Nightshades, The Dubtones, The Jimmy Cake,Three For the Morgue Terrordactyl, Trenches, Tunguska, Wound Upon Wound, Young Wolves


Eoin :- // -0857404838

James :- // -0867833902

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