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The Fount of all knowledge on Ireland's D.I.Y.Punk and Hardcore movement. Over time ,this wiki should include details of all relevant bands,recording studios,promoters,lables,venues ,festivals and zines. You can help expand this wiki by adding your knowledge to the database.

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This overview of the Irish DIY scene can only be truely accurate if many contributors give their input to the project. This project can never be completed ,as long as there are punk/hardcore bands creating new music,but the living history should be recorded.There are many catagories in this wiki...feel free to add more if you think they belong. The band listings include (obviously) Irish punk and hardcore bands as well as outfits from the associated genres of Ska,Pyschobilly, Crust etc I have not included the old 70's stalwarts like the Undertones who now tour the commercial festivals or the Pogue Punk bands who tour the USA ,simply because they are not part of the D.I.Y movement. At the outset, some Metal bands have made it to the listings because they regularly play at punk/hardcore shows and display the D.I.Y ethic. Similar;y, whilst the majority of Irish Pop Punk bands follow the commercial Academy/Blastbeat route and have agents ,advances,fees etc,it should be recognised that some Pop Punk outfits have their oirigins firmly in the D.I.Y zone,play for expenses only,and will sleep on a promoters floor..just to get a gig.These bands have earned their place in this listing. There is a catagory for bands from the 70's 80's and 90's and although many of us wont remember much from those times ,a lot of Irish diy music from that era is available on the excellent DIY Irish Hardcorepunk Archive :[1], and info on the bands will help give a fuller picture of those formative years. The format I've used ,so far on the band pages is a small bit of bio info and a photo, plus infoboxes (a) Releases (b)Members and, where appropiate (c) Past members. That formula seems to work for me but there are no rules that say you must follow it when posting.

It is up to you, to decide which bands make ,both the current and defunct lists ,as the wiki will only be valid if the the record is as complete as possible.

The other catagories are as important as the band listings and will hopefully contain info on all distros, labels, zines,festivals(past and present) that go to make up the community of which we are part. Read,enjoy and lash up the info!


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