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Hailing from West Cork, Ireland, Good Dead Me can be loosely described as a concoction of Grunge, Funk, Acid-Crust, and Punk. Loosely.

After forming in 2006 they quickly alienated themselves from the local venues with their intense, thrashy, sweaty style, that was otherwise received positively by a breathless sweaty few.  As they developed this into something slightly more palatable (but essentially the same) things got weirder and better as people started to notice that the guy at the front was actually screaming a language they recognised. Also, it seemed he was saying something rather interesting.

Their first album "Thats What You Get" was released in '09, and to celebrate they toured the West Coast, playing Temple House Festival, and Party Against The Pipe Festival, with a good shot of venues in Cork, Limerick, Sligo, and Donegal.

They are about to release their long overdue second album "Stand Fast", which is coming any minute now... But in the meantime they have 3 tracks from the album available online for streaming on SoundCloud.